Friday, September 14, 2012

fireplace reno

Before:  This was our fireplace.  Dated.  Huge.  And oh so permanent.  We've talked for years about painting the thing white, not because we thought white brick would look especially good.  We were hoping for less bad.  

Just as G. was leaving to buy the paint:  "Are you sure you want white?  Is there any other colour?"  

That had never occurred to me.  Another colour!  After an hour on Google we had a whole new plan.

After:  This is our new, grey fireplace.  We settled on two tones of light grey to match our furniture.  The  new stove, mantle shelf and hearth tiles compliment other bits of black in the decor and the overall effect is in keeping with the tone of the room.  Now we can't wait for cold evenings by the fire.

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