Wednesday, September 26, 2012

bringing in the harvest

Summer lingers with its warmth and brightness, but the smells in our kitchen belong to fall.  We're bringing in the harvest and sealing it in glass and plastic.  The freezer and pantry are filling up with tasty things, mementos of summer.

Preserving and freezing go hand in hand with gardening and we're delving deeper into all three.  To save money.  To not waste.  To eat local food.  And for fun.

I checked this book out of the library have gleaned a few good ideas from it.  Apparently cabbage can be blanched and frozen.  Apples last longer wrapped in newspaper.  We'll give it a try.

Do you put anything away for the winter?

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  1. A few things. :) Freezing cabbage? I need to check that out, as well as wrapping apples in newspaper. We picked another tree this week and these are the kind that might last for awhile.