Tuesday, April 6, 2010

small sparks

Things have been rather busy lately, but I'm looking for small moments of beauty and creativity and fun. 

This is a print of one of Leanardo daVinci's anatomical drawings.  I saw the real deal at the Vancouver Art Gallery recently and admited the detail of his sktches, annotated in daVinci's backwards, left-handed scrawl.  The prints are intriguing and beautiful, but where can I display them?  The bathroom! 

We felled a holly tree and most of a plum tree in our little back yard this weekend.  What a pile of tree!
I haven't had time to make anything lately, but my husband designed and built this maple cabinet for his fish tank.  The DVD player and what not are stored behind the doors and the aquarium is eye-catching -- full of colour and movement.
I've been meaning to photograph this apple all winter.  It's a good think I finally did, because just yesterday it fell to the ground and nestled along-side the lavendar.  I like the spray of sharp green leaves, visible behind the rotting apple -- death and new life.  Very appropriate for Easter.
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  1. nice to see what's happening in your world

  2. Agreed, on the rotting apple w/ leaves behind -- death and new life being appropriate for Easter :D