Monday, March 8, 2010


I walked in a snow flurry today, though not on purpose.  I was caught -- caught running errands on foot in my light yellow jacket because it's supposed to be Spring.  It was a cold trek home, but I have to admit that it was magical too.  Snowflakes played on the wind in ways that raindrops only dream of, white and flighty against backdrops of asphalt and fir trees.  Of course the snow danced away almost as soon as I gained shelter at home.  The moment was gone, save for the coldness in my face and hands, a reminder that anything is possible.

The wintery moment -- there have been so few this year -- drove me to a wintery activity that I haven't enjoyed in a good long time.  In just an hour or two I finished off this honeysuckle slipper.  The pattern is by Jo-Ann Jenkins, a local designer.

I also found this alphabet sampler in my sewing basket.  It's been finished for a long time, but I've never done anything with it.  I don't want to fill my walls with framed cross-stitch -- I'm too young for that -- but it would be nice to display this one way or another.  Ideas?

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  1. I think the alphabet sampler would look great as a pillow in the library - or as a gift for someone else in your family who likes reading/words/letters.

  2. Oh, and I do love that shoe!