Friday, October 26, 2012

walking in the rain

I don't mind walking in a drizzle.  Boots, coat and hat provide the right degree of sepration from the wet.  This year I'm adding gloves to my essential rain gear because my hands aren't in pockets; they're pushing a stroller. 

S gets a little more protection.  As soon as fall weather hit, I scurried out to find a rain coat for the stroller and a fuzzy, hooded sleeper for S.  Doesn't she look cozy?  Passers by often tell me they envy her ride, but I prefer a brisk walk along the leaf-strewn sidewalk, drizzle dripping off the rim of my hat.

Do you walk in the rain?
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  1. Yes, I do. And Little S looks very cozy in her stroller.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Prefer to walk in the dry but sometimes walking in the rain is the only opportunity. Yes one cannot put hands in pockets with a stroller.