Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tags

Sometimes I forget that simple things can be so beautifully -- simple.  That was certainly the case last weekend.  My mom and sisters came over and the four of us settled around my dining room table, littered with papers and tools, to make Christmas tags.  Inspiration did not come to me, so I punched holes and tied ribbons haphazardly, focusing more on the social than the creative aspect of the afternoon.   We talked and drank tea and munched on left-over pie crust that I had baked with cinnamon sugar.  When everyone left, I was surprised to find, lined up along the edge of the china cabinet, a row of pleasing Christmas tags.

The over-sized slit for threading the tags onto presents creates visual interest and offers new alternatives for incorporating pretty ribbons into the tag.  I also used old stickers and odd bits of paper, tied with ribbons to look like wrapped boxes.  Simple.

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  1. It was nice to be together. The creative part of the day was just an excuse for the social part, and the cards/tags are a beautiful bonus. I love the red and aqua.